Kidney Precision Medicine Project

A Recruitment Video we made for Kidney Precision Medicine Project

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Sheehy Recruitment Video

A Recruitment Video we made for Sheehy Auto Stores.

2017 Communicator Awards Distinction, Film / Video-Recruitment for Film / Video / Television.

2016 Telly Award for Videography / Cinematography.

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Our Reel 2018

Cocklins Digital Demo Reel contains examples of our work in HD, 2K and 4K. Includes examples of corporate, documentary, commercial and government videos.

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Sheehy Orientation Video

Cocklins Digital was hired to produce an Orientation video, for Sheehy Auto Stores, a $1billion Washington, D.C. area company.

2017 Bronze Telly Award General Employee Communications.

2016 Gold Winner TIVA DC Peer Award for Internal Communications.

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Interview Demo

Quick 1-minute demo of interviews illustrating our composition and lighting style.

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Chaplain Recruitment

A Recruitment Video we made for the Archdiocese for the Military Services in Washington, DC.

2017 Communicator Awards Excellence.

Film / Video-Recruitment for Film / Video / Television.

2017 Telly Awards Silver General-Recruitment for Non-Broadcast Productions

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Art of Fire

Inside the artisan’s studio following the process of glassblowing by skilled craftsmen.

2017 Communicator Awards Distinction. Craft Categories-Use of Visual Effects for Film / Video / Television.

2016 Silver Winner TIVA DC Peer Award for Pro Bono Work.

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Editing Ken Burns Civil War Series, Beyond the Documentary

Learn how “The Civil War”, the award-winning film produced and directed by Ken Burns, was completely restored to Ultra HD - 4K resolution

2017 Communicator Awards Distinction Craft Categories-Editing for Film / Video / Television
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Teaching "The Civil War" in the classroom.

2016 Bronze Winner TIVA DC Peer Award for Education/Training. Learn how teachers use “The Civil War” Documentary by Ken Burns in the classroom.

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Frontline Diaries: Into the Forbidden Zone

2001 National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Emmy Award for Cinematography

…”the images and scenes captured by cameraman Stephen Cocklin are so overwhelming that the narration seems understated.”

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Access to Survival

Winner of 11 awards including Best Documentary, Excellence in Film & Video Production, Scripting, Documentary Editing, Use of HD, Social Issues, Science & Technology, Charitable/Nonprofit, Motivational, Health & Wellness

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Educational/Training Video "Pull 'Em Over"

2013 Telly Award for How-To Instructional.
2013 Communicator Award for Online Video Training.
2013 Peer Award Best Directing for Instructional Video.
2013 Peer Award Best Scriptwriting for Instructional Video.

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The Garden

Examples of slow motion photography seen in a summer garden bustling with activity. .

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ProMod Dragsters

Pro Mod racing, the all out, high speed, stress to the limit, challenge to your body and brains, ¼ mile shootout in 6 seconds or less at speeds approaching 240 mph.

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Behind the scenes

Behind the Scenes with Cocklins Digital.

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