Cocklins Digital: the best video production service in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia

Cocklins Digital is a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) and GSA Contract Holder that specializes in producing high quality HD video production.

Regardless of the scope or budget, from single-camera interviews to multi-camera video productions we approach all projects the same way using our knowledge and experience to create a video better than you ever imagined it could be. See our many award-winning videos on our portfolio page.

Whether your corporate video production is large or small we do whatever it takes to deliver HD video productions on time and on budget. Our 4K & HD video production equipment is state of-the-art with the latest HD cameras, lighting, sound equipment and editing software.

Discover for yourself why corporate and government clients in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland turn to Cocklins Digital for the best in video production services.

All successful videos start with an idea. Before diving into production, we work to understand your audience and determine how we can connect with them effectively.

We do this by asking questions and listening to your answers. We immerse ourselves in your world so that when we tell your story, we get it right.

Working from script to screen, we deliver your message with impact and outstanding results.


Corporate Video Production, Recruitment Videos, Government Video Production, Web Video Production, Training Videos, CEO Profiles, Documentary Video Production, Marketing Videos


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     Sandy Gilmour Sandy Gilmour Communications, LLC Taylor Henry Director of Public Affairs and Media Relations The Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA (AMS) Rebecca Aune Associate Director, Medical Services Pulmonary Hypertension AssociationRise sanders-Weir Independent Producer Joshua Blinder, Video Producer, US Holocaust Memorial MuseumDavid Windt, Senior Program Manager, Academy for Economic DevelopmentEvangula Brown, Grant Coordinator, Community College of Baltimore CountyErin Ogburn, Director of Human Resources, Kearney & Company
  • “I have engaged the Cocklins for years doing video and sound for chemical safety videos for a prominent government client. They are extremely professional. Steve is not only a solid DP, and great at lighting and setup, he is on top of the super HD gear more than anyone I know, always with cutting edge technology. While handling audio, Anne works great with everyone in the room, and is a great backup director making sure those interviewed look and sound their best. You can always count on Anne and Steve.”
    Sandy Gilmour Sandy Gilmour Communications, LLC
  • “Outstanding videography. Excellent editing. A great team to work with. Anyone who has done even a little video production knows that on-site shoots don't always go exactly as planned, but Steve and Anne are able to "roll with the punches" and create a first-rate product under almost any circumstances. They recently produced a recruitment video for us. They patiently worked with us through the editing process to strike just the right tone for the video, and the final product surpassed our greatest expectations. The video ended up winning two international media awards: the Telly Award and the Communicator Award. …Even under great pressure, Steve and Anne's professionalism shines through, and I've found their work is consistent, no matter the obstacles. They've worked together a long time and have their act down pat. I highly recommend Cocklin Digital for anyone looking for a first-class video production at reasonable rates.”
    Taylor Henry Director of Public Affairs and Media Relations The Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA (AMS)
  • “I needed a local videography team to help me pull off a short notice shoot of medical experts. When the filming location completely fell through and I was struggling to find anywhere that wasn’t already booked, Anne Cocklin helped me to find an office space …She really went above and beyond to make my vision a reality, and that location ended up working much better than what I originally had in mind. …The Cocklins were more than accommodating, patient and understanding in the entire process…They worked swiftly in editing with great attention to detail…I couldn’t have been happier with their work and professionalism. I would hire them again and again and again.”
    Rebecca Aune Associate Director, Medical Services Pulmonary Hypertension Association
  • “Grace under pressure is so cliché (but so true). They are kind, understanding, helpful and professional under pressure. They are also flexible, responsive and creative. I've been under the gun of last minute scope changes while standing on the ground with Steve and Anne - and I've known that they would get behind me and help push. It makes my blood pressure go down a few ticks to know they are on the job with me.”
    Rise sanders-Weir Independent Producer
  • “I have worked on a variety of video productions with Anne and Steve Cocklin of Cocklins Digital for close to 7 years; these run the gamut from documentaries to web news video, oral histories, special event programming and other projects. In every instance, the Cocklins have done a fantastic job in the field, getting me visually and aurally exactly the material I need for the programs we produce here at the Holocaust Museum.”
    Joshua Blinder, Video Producer, US Holocaust Memorial Museum
  • "The Cocklins produced a 30 minute documentary film, Access to Survival which won nine film awards. Their work is outstanding. They are responsive to client requests and easy to work with. Because the DP is also the editor, savings and efficiencies in post production is attainable because the film is lit and shot with editing in mind. I heartily recommend the Cocklins for any size video production, and look forward to a chance to work with them again..."
    David Windt, Senior Program Manager, Academy for Economic Development
  • “I say go with the pros! From listening to our vision of what we wanted, and placing our vision on film, the Cocklins provided continuous service in a professional and courteous manner....we learned to trust their opinions and advice. From cameras and all aspects of production they proved to be the best production company to handle the task..."
    Evangula Brown, Grant Coordinator, Community College of Baltimore County
  • "Cocklins Digital is Kearney & Company’s first choice when selecting professional video producers/videographers. They are consistently responsive, creative, reliable and available for new opportunities. They have presented new and cutting edge technology and equipment to ensure the products are the best they can possibly be. We have created a long lasting relationship and highly recommend Cocklins Digital.”
    Erin Ogburn, Director of Human Resources, Kearney & Company