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ProMod Dragsters

The Project

The racing world is a huge outdoor event. It’s filled with drivers whose love of messing around with cars and passion for speed led to a real obsession – racing. And not just any type of racing, the all out, high speed, stress to the limit, challenge to your body and brains, of high performance pro-modified car racing. The kind of tricked out cars with supped up, nitrous injected 3000 hp engines that deliver the ultimate test to the driver in a ¼ mile shootout in 6 seconds or less at speeds approaching 240 mph. The driver needs skill, courage and an unbeatable attitude.

The Content

Traveling at record setting speeds in an ultra fast high powered racing machine doesn’t always go according to plan. Engines overheat; parts break and crashes are inevitable. Maintenance on these cars is more than an expensive hobby; it costs thousands of dollars to keep an ill tempered, high powered pro-mod running.

The Theme

Go-Pro cameras were placed inside and outside the race cars to capture dramatic footage of the race, the tires spinning, the parachutes exploding out of the rear of the car. A Giant Jimmy Jib at starting line captures the cars as they approach the line, do their burn out and take off for the finish line. Images are captured as they happen; there is no setting up scenes for this type of show!

The Results

The competition in pro mod racing is stiff. This quest for speed isn’t for the faint of heart. There are plenty of people who think they can handle a car and who have paid the price for it. These drivers push themselves to the limit and beyond, play hard and take no prisoners.


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