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Sheehy Recruitment Video

The Project

We had fun creating a Recruitment video for Sheehy Auto Stores, a $1billion company in the Washington DC Metro area. We focused on young millennials and found they are looking for everything Sheehy offers - a positive work environment with mobility, work flexibility, good benefits, the training to acquire necessary skills and a company that believes in social responsibility. And, yeah, good pay, too.

The Content

With that in mind we developed a fresh approach to reflect our young audience and their lifestyle, a video to grab the attention of job seekers from the first moment they see the video. Young, enthusiastic Sheehy employees tell the viewer Sheehy sells cars, but the company is really all about the people. They take us on an informative tour of the company while the images we see aren’t the typical company stereotypes – but funny spoofs on departments and benefits - we’ve even got superheroes!

The Theme

We loved the cool motion graphics from the film “Minority Reports” and created a motion graphic of all the Sheehy dealership locations in After Effects. Quad images show how Sheehy departments work together when a customer buys a car. We see the sales paperwork traveling from one office to another until the license plate and registration are received by the happy customer. And don’t miss the green screen drop revealing the Sheehy employees at the end of the video, the key holds as the screen drops.

The Results

This tongue in cheek video has made a big impression with millennials and recruitment is up. Mission accomplished!


2016 Telly Award for Videography / Cinematography


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