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Access to Survival

The Project

The Academy for Economic Development and USAID wanted to document the innovations of their NetMark program designed to reduce cases of malaria in Africa. Cocklins Digital won the contract to produce a documentary about the program’s placement of insecticide treated mosquito nets into the hands of the people who need them most, pregnant women and children under 5.

The Content

NetMark’s program of distributing insecticide treated bed nets was making a real difference in combating malaria. NetMark had established successful partnerships between public health ministries and private companies in Africa. With their combined cooperation NetMark greatly reduced the price of insecticide treated nets, making them available commercially and to the needy through the use of voucher programs and free net distributions.

The Theme

Cocklins Digital traveled to Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana and Senegal spending a week in each country conducting interviews, getting cover footage and going to as many places as possible in a day to witness firsthand the effectiveness of bed nets and the tragedy of malaria. Insecticide treated mosquito nets are a simple solution to combat malaria and not expensive, yet nets are beyond the reach of many poor Africans. We witnessed the suffering and dying of young children from malaria and the loss felt by their families.

The Results

The video is the winner of 11 awards including Aegis: Best Documentary Award; Cine Golden Eagle Awards: Excellence in Film & Video Production, Science and Technology, Motivational: Communicator Awards: Copywriting, Health & Wellness, Charitable/Non-Profit; and Telly Awards: Scriptwriting, Documentary Editing, Use of HD, Social Issues.

A 30-minute documentary and trailer, closed captioned in English with optional French subtitles were created along with three short vignettes to be used as marketing tools on individual aspects of the program.


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