Sheehy Orientation Video

The Project

Cocklins Video was hired to produce an Orientation video, for Sheehy Auto Stores, a $1billion Washington, D.C. area company. The video introduces new-hires to the company by illustrating the upbeat Sheehy friendly, family culture; a company which values its employees through training and support and offers excellent compensation and benefits packages.

The Content

Research shows that a company can improve employee retention, satisfaction and quality of work by focusing their orientation video on the skills the person brings to the job. We stressed the importance of the new employee and the contribution they can make to the company in all the departments at Sheehy – from sales to service and everything in-between. The video cites specific examples of entry level employees whose individual contributions have moved them to upper management.

The Theme

We emphasized what makes Sheehy different. They sell cars, but also invest in their employees by offering advancement in job skills, a good income, training, good benefits, and most importantly, a work/life balance. A family culture exists in the company with a strong commitment to invest in the community.

The Results

The authentic, honest truth about Sheehy is delivered by Sheehy employees. Quick b-roll shots using our camera slider add dynamic movement into what would otherwise be typical static workplace scenes. As the footage was shot in 4K it allowed us to create zooms and pans in any scene using Flex Frame and we had 14 stops of dynamic range to work with for color correction in DaVinci Resolve. Graphics were created in After Effects.


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