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Excerpt from A Father’s Introduction to Family Court Child Welfare Cases

The Project

Single parents often feel overwhelming pressure. They have bills to pay, children to raise and no one to share day-to-day responsibilities or decision making. They may have trouble finding a job or keeping a roof over their heads. Things can spiral out of control, the children become neglected or abused. In these situations, the DC Family Court intervenes and the children are removed from the home for their safety. How can fathers get their children back?

The Content

This video was designed for a specific audience: fathers who have lost custody of their children and want to regain custody. It conveys specific, crucial information in both English and Spanish with captions at a stressful time for fathers and their families.

The Theme

In researching the topic we developed a true-to-life scenario script with the father at work as a painter receiving a call on his cell phone. It’s the social worker notifying him his kids have been removed from their home. The father is angry and incredulous, but learns that the social worker will help him get a lawyer and explain the crucial steps he needs to take to regain custody of his children. The messaging is clear, reassuring, and conveyed in multiple ways (type on screen, verbal/voice over, portrayed).

The Results

In addition to our talent acting out their scenes, two judges and a White House representative gave fathers messages of encouragement that appear at the open and close of the video. As both English and Spanish speaking fathers require this information, two versions of the video were created. One in English with closed captions and then translated into Spanish with Spanish graphics and closed captions.


2016 Communicator Award for Educational Online video.


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