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Educational/Training Video "Pull 'Em Over"

The Project

Cocklins Digital was awarded the contract to produce an educational training video to show to police officers how to safely pull over tractor trailers and other large vehicles for traffic violations. We took a very important but potentially boring topic – how to safely stop a tractor trailer/bus for a traffic violation –and made it interesting though the use of multiple camera angles, clever script writing and humor to capture the attention of police officers, our audience.

The Content

We showed police officers how to pull over large vehicles where a majority of accidents occur: when tractor trailers tailgate other cars, speed through works zones and when drivers talk on their cell phones. Each safety element described in the video had to be made readily apparent to the police officer viewers so we used a drone outfitted with a camera to get aerial shots. We were able to track moving police cars following the large vehicles and get perfect shots of the action right above the scene.

The Theme

We needed a well-known personality to appear in the video, someone who police officers would recognize, so we traveled to Louisiana. We found TV Personality Troy Landry, alligator hunter and star of the Swamp People”. Naturally as our tractor trailer driver he encounters a 10-foot alligator crossing the road as a “rural obstacle”, and we get hear him deliver his signature line, “choot’em”.

The Results

A month after the video was distributed, the Baltimore County Police Department, Traffic Management Section, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division reported a 10% increase in the number of traffic violations issued by police officers.


2013 Telly Award for How-To Instructional.
2013 Communicator Award for Online Video Training.
2013 Peer Award Best Directing for Instructional Video.
2013 Peer Award Best Scriptwriting for Instructional Video.


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