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Our Reel 2018

We have exciting jobs that take us from the White House to underground rock concerts to the beaches of Africa. Every day is different. Through the years we’ve filmed documentaries in Italy on the Ferrari; the running of the bulls in Pamplona; covered Special Ops in Iraq; been on the assembly line of the Bentley in England; the pro-mod race track in Maryland; filmed alongside the mujahidin in Afghanistan; filmed aerobatics and pyrotechnics at the Oshkosh Air show in Wisconsin; were onboard over 30 Navy ships in the Persian Gulf as the Pentagon Pool Crew; traveled to Africa for malaria education; covered the liberation of the cities of Kuwait, Kabul and Baghdad; created many corporate videos for companies in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia; videos for the government and commercials.

Every day is different, but our work ethic remains the same: we are multi-talented creative people dedicated to our craft, good storytellers who do our best to meet our clients’ needs and stick to the budget. It takes experience to set up on location, to find the right setting and knowing how to make the interviewee look and sound their best using the right equipment whether in the office, on the assembly line or on the race track.

Filming in HD, 2K and 4K we have the camera, prime lenses, sound and lighting equipment to take it to the next level with camera slider, jib and dolly shots. Knowing how to do time lapse, get slow motion footage and mount cameras on cars and just about anywhere else comes in handy.

We’re a one stop shop editing footage in Avid using DaVinci Resolve for color correction and After Effects for complex graphics. Check out the other videos on our website and then give us a call or email for a quote.


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