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Miss Piggy at the White House

The Project

Miss Piggy! At the White House! This past Holiday Season we were asked by Disney Productions to film Miss Piggy getting an exclusive behind the scenes personal tour of the White House Christmas Decorations from Michelle Obama's Chief of Staff, in hopes of securing a place at the state dinner table.

The Content

Probably one of the most fun shoots we’ve had in a while, Miss Piggy was a riot to work with. She was very polite to the crew, really no diva attitude that we sometimes run into with TV personalities. The only time she got really upset was when she discovered Kermit had a present under the Christmas tree and she didn’t but she immediately ran up to see POTUS (starlets can do that) who straightened everything out.

The Theme

The biggest problem was her popularity. The White House employees were all popping in for a quick photo op with the queen of the Muppets. Very gracious, she never said no, so a quick 2-hour shoot turned into an entire afternoon of great fun.

The Results

Unfortunately, even popularity can wear out and Miss Piggy was eventually escorted off the grounds by the Secret Service.

P.S. The muppeteer watched a small monitor placed on the floor to see how Miss Piggy looks on camera from the audience’s point of view.


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