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Gimbaled Bike Cam shoot for Fontana Fountains at MGM National Harbor

Recently we got a call from a new client who saw our bike-cam video Link to Bike Cam Blog Article and asked us to film the fountain at the new MGM National Harbor here in the DC area. The client, Fontana Fountains, is a designer of high-end fountains worldwide and designed the fountain at the new MGM National Harbor.

The trick to this one was to figure out the timing of the clusters of water nozzles making up what Fontana Fountains calls a liquid piece of art. We shot a lot of footage before we got this one right.

A majority of the scenes were shot with our gimbaled Sony-F5 attached to a bike moving around the fountain, we also did some tripod shots and one shot using our MTY Works slider. Lenses used were our 50, 85 and 135mm Canon CN-E prime lenses and our Tokina cinema 11-16mm zoom lens. All scenes were shot at variable speeds from 60fps down to 15fps at 4K Slog2. Editing was done on our Avid Media Composer system and color grading was performed using DaVinci Resolve Studio 14.

The video shown here contains excerpts of the final we delivered to Fontana Fountains in Athens, Greece.


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