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Financial Experts Business Bio

The Project

Signals Matter co-founders Tom Lott and Matt Piepenburg asked us to create a biographical video about them for their new business website. In our first meeting we talked about the project and how we'd combine their personal experiences with their extensive financial expertise. The website was coming online in the next two weeks, so we had to move quickly.

The Content

Tom and Matt are two former Wall Street executives with vast knowledge when it comes to investing. Their website Signals Matter guides investors from the novice to the expert in making investing decisions. Our job was to introduce Tom and Matt by telling their stories using photos from their past to illustrate their values; how hard work and talent led to successful financial careers; and how their combined experience can help investors make the right financial decisions.

The Theme

Signals Matter was created with a nautical image, so we built on that using nautical terms in the script and incorporated a lighthouse with a sweeping beam of light. The video shows the two men working in both home and formal office settings. Scenes include computer images of complex financial data. We emphasized their Washington connection with DJI Ronin shots of them at the U.S. Capitol and Lincoln Memorial.

The two-week project involved scriptwriting, 2 days of filming and about 6 days of editing using Avid Media Composer. We filmed the interviews and cover b-roll in 4K Slog 2. Graphics were done in house on After Effects and color grading was performed using DaVinci Resolve.

The Results

We posted the video for the client to see and their comments were "Fabulous. You guys did a phenomenal job with this! Truly top notch." Our second and final cut involved a few changes and we delivered ahead of schedule. The video is on their website, Signals Matter Website


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