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Kidney Precision Medicine Project

The Project

Kidney disease is a devastating disease for patients and their families. While much research has focused on cancer, while most of the work done around kidney disease happened 56 years ago. People with kidney disease have received more or less the same treatment for over 56 years. The Kidney Precision Medicine Project (KPMP) is designed to address kidney disease in a new and bold way in order to revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease.

The Content

In order to get the word out The Kidney Research Institute came to us to create 2 videos for them – one an overview of the Kidney Precision Medicine Project and the second a Patient Recruitment video. The Recruitment video is requesting volunteers to participate in the KPMP Program by offering a kidney biopsy, so doctors can learn about the different kinds of kidney disease. State-of-the-art methods and technologies will be used to develop tools and therapies to further understand this disease.

The Theme

The open begins with patients’ reactions after being diagnosed with kidney disease. Both patients and doctors were interviewed using 2 4K cameras and 2 green screens. Using the Sony F5 and A7R cameras with Canon Cine prime lenses we shot in 4K Slog-2 Cine EI at 23.978fps. The interviews were lit using as our Quasar Science 4’x 6 bank soft LED light with wag flag and Kino Flo lighting on the two green screens.

The Results

The project involved 1-day of filming in 4K Slog 2 and writing 2 scripts. We edited the footage using Avid Media Composer. As it was shot in 4K for 1080, it gave us improved color, picture quality and the flexibility to reframe any scene. Interviews were flipped in post, de-logged and color corrected in DaVinci Resolve. Motion graphics were added to emphasize points made in the interviews. Graphics were done in house on After Effects. The final was compressed for web using Sorenson Squeeze.


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